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Knowie consists of small games with individual topics that each run over 5 exciting days

Create a user and a game for your team – if you are more than 12 people in your team, we suggest that you start several games

Your colleagues will be invited by email with an introduction to Knowie and a link to your game after the game has been paid for

You can start your game whenever you like after everybody has filled out our pre-game questionnaire

Part 1

Our first introduction pack is the perfect starting point for your team. It brings your team closer to each other in a fun way, while you also get familiar with Knowie. Play to find out more about your colleagues, strengthen your connections and bring fresh topics of conversation to the lunch breaks!

Part 2

The second introduction pack is loaded with new and exciting questions and various topics. Play part 2 to get to know all the small details about each other, deepen your relationships and raise the team spirit. Finishing our introductory pack 1 and 2 will prepare your team to start exploring our specific topics.


We have created this package for you to help bring the teams communication into the spotlight and address it in an entertaining way. Play the pack and get to know more about each other’s communication preferences, improve team work and avoid misunderstandings.

Motivation (coming soon)

Motivation actually has many more facets than you would think and you often only talk about motivation when it is absent. Through an entertaining and easily digestible game, where the focus is on your team, you will learn about each other’s preferences, experiences, interests and much more to get to know what makes your team go the extra mile💪



It’s relevant for everybody. You don’t need to worry about picking the right social activity.


You avoid the everlasting coordination of calendars, Play when it suits you.


The cost is no more than buying coffee and cake for the team and is just as easy to pull off!


The social focus lasts much longe than your typical staff event without interfering with your workday


A strong team performs better and this is an engaging and simple way to get closer to each other as colleagues and strengthen the cooperation in the team.


How does the game work?

Knowie starts out by having all the participants fill out a questionnaire. When the game begins, the participants will get the chance to get to know each other based on the questionnaire and 5 different gamification types.

Based on the questionnaire and how well you are doing throughout the daily challenges, you will receive statistics and feedback that is unique for your team.

Knowie is played online via internet browsers and works on both desktop, tablet and mobile.

How does our payment work?

How does our payment work?

Each individual topic is paid by card when you create your game. After you have created a user and typed in your colleagues email adresses, you can press “to payment”. You can pay securely with the most common payment options. Your colleagues invitations will be sent after the payment have been approved.

You only pay for the given game and topic that you want to play. Knowie does not setup automatic payments and do not store any credit card information about you.

Do I need to buy the game the same day we want to start playing?

No you don’t. You can buy the game and invite your colleagues to a game of Knowie and then start the game whenever you want. It can be a good idea to buy the game some time before you want to start the game. This way your colleagues will get enough time to fill out the questionnaire and you increase the likelyhood that your are all ready by the time you want to start the game.

Can I buy more than one game at the time?

Yes, you can. But you need our help through either phone, chat or email support. If you want to purchase several games at once, we will send you payment instructions by email, where you can pay safely by card for all games at once. You will then receive a code, which can activate your games.

What do we need to do, before the game starts?

Before the game starts, you need to make sure that all your colleagues have received their invitations and filled out their questionnaire. As admin of the game you have an overview of who has and has not filled out the questionnaire.

We send all the information the participants need by email, but it is often a good idea to inform them that they should keep an eye out for the invitation from Knowie.

When does the game start?

The game starts when you as admin manually start the game from your admin panel. The game will not start automatically. Day 2-5 will start automatically at 08.00 am each morning (CET – Copenhagen time).

What about GDPR?

We are compliant to any current GDPR regulations. Your data is in safe hands and we only use your data for your teams open game and anonymized statistics. Please see our Privacy policy in our footer.

Is it possible to paus the game in the weekend and during holidays?

Yes, the game is by default set to paus during weekends and the danish banking holidays. If you wish to play the game without any pauses, simply uncheck this field when you create your game.

What do we do if we are more than 12 people in the team?

If you are more than 12 people you will get the best experience of Knowie by splitting up into smaller groups. Maybe you have some natural groupings in the team or department that could provide some friendly competition or maybe you have the need to create relations across natural groupings in your everyday. In the end, you might get even more out of the game by splitting up into teams.