When a new employee starts at Knowie, they will soon be asked by their colleagues, what animal they would prefer to be, if they were an animal, or who they would guess was best equipped to fix a printer. It’s not because we are crazy, we are just very, very curious.

We love to ask about things that don’t have a given answer, but instead help us to nuance who we are, or define our workplace. Knowie is our idea of a perfect game to get to know colleagues better. If you are as curious about your colleagues as we are about ours, Knowie is the game for you.


To plan and execute social events and teambuilding is all about people. About getting to know eachother better and create a good chemistry in a group. However, we often find that the desire to teambuild is just as big as the barriers to actually do so in modern organizations. There is not enough room in the calendar, it’s hard to please everyone and physical distance is only getting bigger.

Knowie has gathered all of the elements from teambuilding and networking that we know works the best and conceptualized that in a game. A game that can be played on modern companies terms. Knowies vision is to create just as much buzz in the coffee room as if you went on a camping trip or had a classic teambuilding day.


Knowie is a fantastic product which can be applied in a wide variety of contexts. If you work as a consultant, coach, course-provider or similar, then Knowie can help your customers and participants to get to know each other in no time. A better understanding of each other can make your collaboration and group exercises both more effective and more fun!

Contact us if you want to learn more about Knowie and how we can help you and your customers!


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