Build trust in your team and feel the difference!

Play Knowie with your co-workers and make sure that the team is running on rails together!

What is Knowie?

No installations

Works on all devices

Psychological safety makes it easier to:

Share information

In a safe environment it’s easier to share important information and thoughts that would otherwise show up to late or not at all.

Handle conflicts and mistakes

Instead of conflicts being viewed as something negative, it will be experienced as something constructive that ultimatly will lead to better outcomes such as better teamwork.

Avoid defensive control

When a team trust one another, the need for micro management and non-value adding behaviour will decrease.

Ask for help

When a team feels safe it’s more likely that they will reach out for help when they need it as they will not be afraid of looking incompetent.

Give feedback

With high psychological safety it’s easier to provide constructive feedback. It will be considered as an effort towards a common goal instead of something unpleasant.


All in all, high psychological safety in a team will lead to increased teamwork as the perceived interpersonal risk will be minimized.

And makes employees:


More engaged


More productive


More likely to stay

We love happy customers!

”As a company in rapid growth it is important for us that we can quickly help new employees to feel safe and establish relations to their new team members. Knowies social and informal approach fits us perfectly!”

Mikkel Rossing

Founder, Deepdivr

”We use Knowie to help our offices in New York and Copenhagen to get to know each other better. We love the small things like “is it OK to wear short to work” fills the offices with discussions and laughs

Cirkeline Ask

Community Manager, The Org

”Knowie is a super fun game, that is challenging and helps you get to know your co-workers. I highly recommend it to others!”

Peter Møller

Head of Digital Marketing, Danske Spil

Frequently asked questions

How do I get access to set up a game?

It’s super easy – just click on login in the top right corner of the website or here to create a user. When you have created your user, click on “create new game” to get going with Knowies level 1 for free!

How does it work?

Knowie starts out by having all the participants fill out a questionnaire. When the game begins, the participants will  get to know each other based on the questionnaire and 5 different gamification types.

Based on the questionnaire and how you are doing throughout the daily challenges, you will receive statistics and feedback that is unique for your team.

Today Knowie consits of 8 different levels (more in the making), that lasts 3 days each and only takes up 5 minutes of your workday. You decide yourself when it’s time to embark on the next level.

How much does it cost?

The first level of Knowie is free, allowing you to get the taste of it’s value before before buying.

After the first level, Knowie costs 6.5 EUR/ person. pr level excluding VAT. Take a look at our pricing page to find the solution that fits your team the best or take a look at our yearly subsciption options to score a discount.

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